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In order to shape up the structures of companies, athalix Business Startup is accompanied by success-oriented business projects in all phases of preparation and implementation till the establishment and protection.

The establishment of an enterprise, the structure of its own existence and thus the step into self-employment are important personal decisions, which should be well considered and well prepared. We support business projects with professional expertise, personal commitment and entrepreneurial thoughts and actions. The focus of interest lies in the experience of acquisition and a realistic assessment of opportunities and risks of the proposed business.


Interested entrepreneurs, founders and start-up entrepreneurs


► Initial consultation / conversation analysis

In the initial personal consultation we will determine together with you, the business idea, state of basic preparation, time and funding and the hence the resulting action.

As a rule, we provide all the entrepreneurs with a business plan and profitability previews for the first 6 months till approximately 3 years. The intensive counselling or start-up advice further helps in the development of these documents.

If you receive unemployment benefits 1 or 2 and are planning to start a business, we will still stand by your side with our expertise.


► Intensive Consulting / Start-up Advice

As an entrepreneur, you are considered to be an expert in your field of interest. In the business area, you often break new grounds. The purpose of our intensive consultation is to complement your missing knowledge in the business area and provide decision-making tools that will pave the way to your independence.

We offer you consultation with the focus on the following areas: 

  • Risk assessment
  • Admission Requirements and choice of legal form
  • Market and location analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Financial planning
  • Funding advice
  • Preparation of bank conversation
  • Assistance in business planning
  • Prevention of risk
  • Controlling
  • Pricing
  • Registration formalities


► Foundation Coaching

As the owner of your company, you have to take important decisions daily. Even after the establishment of your professional competence, you can participate in our Foundation Coaching to help us to accompany and support you.

The main focus and tasks of the Coaching are the following:

  • Business management and organization
  • Marketing
  • Controlling, Finance and Accounting

Our consultants are authorized by KfW in order to provide consultation to business start-ups.

Consultant: Tatjana Heinz
Place: Könneritzstraße 7, 01067 Dresden
Number of Participants: 1 person


Tatjana Heinz

Phone:  +49(0)351 - 213 915 95
Fax: +49(0)351 - 213 915 99


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